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Welcome to Makeup Artist College (UK)



Our courses are provided to cover Level 1, Level 2 , Level 3 and when all levels are completed you can gain the  Masters Certificate in Makeup Artistry. 


§ Basic Skin care

§ Client care

§ Product Knowledge

§ Kit Essentials

§ Hygiene

§ Skin tones

§ Foundation choices

§ Colours- mixing colours

§ Eye Colours

§ Face Shapes how to assess them

§ Lip Shapes


§ Dark and Bronze skin tone makeup

§ Flawless Foundation

§ Brows 

§ Facial  Modification with makeup

§ Illustrated Diagrams

§ Making facial changes using the right products

§ Shading and blending

§ Contouring Shading and Highlighting

§ More on Lips - shapes and improving shapes


§ Bridal and Speciality Makeup 

§ Makeup as a business 

§ Make up for Mature skin

§ Vintage Make up looks

§ Night Look- Smokey Eyes

§ Photographic makeup (HD)

§ Makeup as a Business 

When all three levels have been completed you can access to gain;

Masters Certificate in Makeup Artistry

· Makeup As A Business

· Video Assessment

· Completion of level 1, 2 and 3

· Assignments, Quizzes and Tests 

· Access to online features (showcase your work)

(Content is a guide only and may differ between each level)

During the course you will complete assignments and/or end of module course tests. Upon successful completion of level 1 , 2 and 3 Modules you can continue to gain your Masters Certificate in Makeup Artistry

By gaining this certificate you will give confidence to your clients that you have been trained and have professional standards.


Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Master Certificate   

12 x monthly payments of £49.99

Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Master Certificate   

4 x monthly payments of £149.99

Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Master Certificate   

one payment £499.99

Lessons will be time released according to your payment plan. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Our Goals are your Goals To provide professional makeup artistry courses for you to start your own career path in Makeup Artistry.To give support and help, by assessing your work and progress throughout the course.To help you develop and achieve your goals within the Makeup Artist industry.

Our Online College We provide our professional online Makeup Artist Course available to you to fit in with YOUR lifestyle 24/7 for you to complete in your own time and at your own pace. With the collaboration of the classroom, the convenience of your own home or study area and to fit studying in with your lifestyle and commitments. 

Q.  How long will it take?A. You can complete your course as soon as you would like. The course is provided online and you can access it 24/7, for your convenience (some payment options may limit access monthly to coincide with your payment option). There is a maximum of 12 months.

Q. How are the courses assessed?A. The courses are assessed during chapters within the module by way of a test, or assessed tutor feedback assignments or group discussion on our forum and homework assignments

.Q. How soon after completing the course can I start working as a professional makeup artist?A. When you have completed the course you will have the knowledge and ability to proceed in your chosen career path

Q. What if the course is not for me?A. There is a free online lesson ‘Which Career Path is right for me and Why?’ where you can assess the options available to you and decide yourself if this course if right for you. There is also 7 Day money back guarantee (see our terms and conditions which apply).